Hot Work

Hot Work

Hot Work

The university is using FM Global Hot Work Permit program as an essential tool in preventing fires in our buildings.  The permit is just a tool and it does not disclose all precautions for every hot work application. All hot work on campus shall be strictly supervised while the work is being performed.

Hot work includes any operation producing flames, sparks or heat including cutting, welding, brazing, grinding, sawing, torch soldering, thawing frozen pipes, applying roof covering etc. have the potential to cause a fire, fire alarm activation, smoke or burning odors. 

To obtain a Hot Work Permit - please complete this Hot Work Permit Form

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Hot Work Guidelines

  1. When these activities are performed inside of a building, they require a special permit, which authorizes “hot work” activities at a specific location and time.
  2. The permit should be obtained from EHS at least 24 hours in advance of the planned work. A request to perform “hot work” should be emailed to EHS. This email should include the date, time, location, person performing work and description of the work to
  3. Permits will be picked up from the EHS on the first floor of Gateway Hall or may be dropped at your location.
  4. The permit should be displayed on site during the work, completed and returned to EHS when the hot work is complete.
  5. Permits contain a checklist to be completed prior to commencing hot work activities and also at the conclusion of the hot work.
  6. Normally hot work will require the use of a “fire watch”. This is a trained individual stationed in the hot work area who monitors the work area for the beginning of potential, unwanted fires both during and after hot work.

    Individuals must be trained and familiar with the operation of portable fire extinguishers and methods to activate building fire alarm systems.

  7. Unless we are under a fire restriction or ban, hot work permits are not required for work performed outside of buildings.
  8. Once the work is completed, complete the hot work permit process by signing off on who did the work and that the fire watch requirement was completed
  9. Please return the completed hot work permit to EHS in AOB for their recordkeeping.

If you are performing hot work in a confined space or welding on a chemical tank, you must perform a risk assessment with EHS first.