Office of the Fire Marshal

Fire Protection

Office of the Fire Marshal

The Mission of the Campus Fire Marshal:
Ensure the safety of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs students, personnel and visitors through the interpretation of fire protection codes and standards and the application of engineering principles.

The above mission is accomplished through:

  • Reviewing of drawings and technical documents for the construction of new buildings
  • Reviewing of similar documents for alteration/renovation, of any size, in existing buildings
  • Providing training on fire-safety related topics
  • Overseeing fire-safety related and hazardous operations (hot work, red tag, open flame (e.g. candles), model rockets, etc.)
  • Performing building fire safety inspections
  • Maintaining fire safety and life safety related equipment such as alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers and AEDs
  • Coordination with Colorado Springs Fire Department

The UCCS campus is committed to a high level of fire and life safety, as shown by our investments in fire sprinkler and alarm systems. Many of the campus buildings, including all student residence halls, are provided with automatic fire suppression/sprinkler systems. Most campus buildings are provided with automatic fire and smoke detection systems connected to the Campus Police Department via a fire alarm reporting network.  However, every individual needs to take part to maintain and improve the level of personal and building fire safety. In particular, note that good housekeeping is one of the most important elements of fire prevention. Do not allow anyone to store anything in stairwells or corridors and never allow any fire doors to be blocked open. It is your life; you are in charge of fire safety!