Building Alarm and Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection

Building alarm and fire detection systems

Building Alarm and Fire Detection Systems:

In most buildings, two types of fire detectors are installed: smoke detectors and heat/rise detectors.  Most alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If an alarm is triggered, the local fire department will automatically come to our facility. Note that smoke detectors are not installed in all areas or all buildings. Heat /rise detectors are installed in the areas containing furnaces, chillers, and cooking and electrical cabinets.

When the fire evacuation alarm sounds, all building occupants, including faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors, must evacuate according to the building evacuation plan.  Ensure that all hearing-impaired building occupants are alerted when the alarm sounds, and that individuals requiring assistance are escorted to a safe area.

Some buildings are equipped with a safe area of rescue assistance -indicated on building floor plans.  These areas provide a smoke and fire protected location where they can remain until emergency responders can safely evacuate them.  At least one employee should remain with the individual(s) and another should specifically notify emergency responders of their location.