Lab Specific Safety Plan


Lab Specific Safety Plan

Fill-in Template

In addition to being subject to the guidelines found in this Laboratory Safety Manual, all non-teaching laboratories are required to develop a Laboratory Specific Safety Plan (LSSP) (Appendix B). This is a fill-in-the-blank form.  The LSSP template can work as a self-audit to help ensure that personnel are proactively addressing concerns about chemical, physical and potential health exposures. In addition to the LSSP, laboratories may also have to develop or incorporate additional safety related plans based on the hazards present in the specified laboratory. The LSSP in conjunction with the Laboratory Registration form serves several purposes:

  • it is intended to clearly specify the potential hazards in the laboratory and the designated safety protocols intended to mitigate these hazards;
  • it is intended to assist labs in identifying weaknesses in their safety preparedness;
  • it is intended to identify those individuals who require training

Completed forms should be submitted to EHS prior to commencing operations. Please contact EHS at or  719-255-3212 if you have any questions, concerns, or need guidance relating to the information discussed in this Plan.