Safety Management Team


Safety Management Team

The University has an Environmental, Health and Safety Policy 400-002. It provides the basic framework for EHS and the establishment of the Safety Management Team.

Membership of the Safety Management Committee includes the following members or their designee:

  • Hazardous Materials Specialist, chair
  • Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Program Director of Emergency Management
  • Chemistry Department, Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Biology Department, Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Microelectronics Laboratory Manager
  • Physics Department representative
  • Physical Plant Manager
  • Auxiliary Facilities representative
  • BioFrontiers representative
  • Engineering Department representative
  • Recreation and Wellness Center representative
  • Other members as designated by the Executive Team.

The Safety Management Team meets at least once in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Other meetings may occur as needed.

Minutes from previous meetings are available here: